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                                                                                        Name:   Ann Chia-Yi Li, MA

                                                                                                              Supervising and Training Analyst, ISAP Zurich

                                                                                                              IAAP. AGAP


                                                                                        Languages:  English/ Chinese


                                                                                        Main Office: Hochstrasse 35, CH8044, Zurich, Switzerland





Ann Chia-Yi Li, MA, is originally from Taiwan, where she studied Chinese Literature and English

Literature. She is a supervising and training analyst of the International School of Analytical Psychology (ISAP Zurich), and maintains a private practice in Zurich.

Ann has served on ISAP Program Committee since 2013 and initiated International MuShuei.Jung Conference and Retreat in Taiwan in 2016 and 2017. Her special interests are Daoist alchemy, The Red Book, active imagination and Zen meditation.






Li, Ann Chia-Yi. 2018. The Receptive and the Creative: Jung’s Red Book for Our Time in the Light

of Daoist Alchemy.  In Jung's Red Book for Our Time: Searching for Soul under Postmodern

Conditions, Vol. II, edited by Murray Stein and Thomas Arzt. Chiron Publications.


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Hochstrasse 35, CH8044,

Zurich, Switzerland


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